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Maximize Sales by
Enhancing Website Speed!
Unlock 40%+ Potential!

You’re probably losing money and maybe you haven’t realized it yet. A slow-loading website makes you lose clients and waste money if you run an Advertising on Google/Facebook.

By making your website faster your business will be ranked high on Google and bring more sales/income!



is the maximum time a user waits for a website to load.



who visit a site via mobile phones, leave the page if it does not load in less than 3 seconds. This directly impacts sales.

Find out now how much money you are throwing away because of your slow website!

Follow the steps below to discover.

STEP 1: Identifying the loading speed..

Go to the GTmetrix website to identify the Time to Interactive and the Total Loaded Time.

Click play to see the instructions:

Decreasing business performance graph indicating a drop in revenue

STEP 2: Calculating the loss of money invested in ADS..

Fill the form below with the data you got on GTmetrix and click to see the result.

e.g. 0,342 (for 342ms / millisecond)
e.g. 1,7 (for 1,7s / seconds)

Traffic Loss Calculator is a Free Code created by the WPFast WordPress Optimization Course. Our website optimization Specialists are proud to be part of WPFast history.

STEP 3: Count with our POS+

We know how important it is for a company not to lose money. After all, losing money (or sales) can mean a tragic end to any business!

Now imagine the following situation: you sit at a table in a restaurant and are waiting to be served. It's been more than 5 minutes and still no waiter came to serve you. What do you do?

1. Wait +5 minutes to see if someone will come to take your order?

2. Do you ask again a Waiter to come to your table?

3. Do you get up and leave the restaurant?

Regardless of your choice, I believe it is an embarrassing and disappointing situation at the same time! This also happens on the internet..

A slow website can cause the same feeling in your potential customers! The difference is that online there is no "Waiter" to call and no one will wait more than 3 SECONDS to see your website content. People just gonna away from your slow site!

Everything needs to be as fast as possible on the internet, after all, nobody has too much time to waste! If your site is slow, imagine how much it could be impacting your daily sales. If you invest in ads (Google, Facebook...), imagine how much money you are literally throwing in the trash!

If you believe in the potential of your products and services, STOP trying to find someone to blame for the lack of visitors and sales on your site and get real that you don't need to know how to solve all the problems alone. You need to use your time for what really matters: serving your customers well from the first contact!

We want to help you today! We are Website Speed Optimization Specialists! Through our Performance Optimization Service (POS+), we will help you improve the loading speed of your website and thereby increase the retention of your page visitors.

The consequence of more visits? More contacts, more orders, more sales!

What we do

We make your website take off and reach the maximum speed possible

Improvement of websites/pages design

Push the website on top of Google searches (SEO)

Protection against spam and viruses

Reliable backups so you never lose anything on your site

Configuration and migration of hosting on high performance servers

See some success cases and what our customers say about our POS+

"A friend told me that for me to be found on Google I needed to improve my page's SEO, so I hired the POS+ team to help me with that. The result was great! My business is the first to appear in searches in Berlin and on top of that my website is loading super fast! Some of my clients even praise the speed of the site and say that it helps a lot when it comes to contacting me. I couldn't be happier with the result! Many thanks to the POS+ team, it was a 10/10 service!"
Logo promoting a healthy lifestyle with the tagline 'Eat Better, Live Better'
Monica A.
nutritionistberlin.com / Germany
"I've already invested a lot of money with Facebook ads and I could never understand why my site gained dozens of visitors but the graphs showed that the minority scrolled the site until they reached my offer. The POS+ team did a full analysis of my page and concluded that page speed was the biggest issue! We decided to create a new page and it was the best decision for my business! Now my website loads in less than 1 second and visitors stay there as long as I want. My orders have increased and I am very pleased with the initial results!"
Make peace with food logo
Monica A.
faipaceconilcibo.com / Italy

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